Cast aluminum eccentric reducer

The term ‘high vacuum’ refers to the high vacuum and low airflow used to catch, transport and filter fumes, dust and other particles.

Our solutions include:
• Extraction of fumes from welding torches
• Extraction of grinding dust directly from the handheld grinding machine thanks to our range of manifolds that matches most hand-held machines on the market
• Cleaning of floors and machines etc. with our wide choice of accessories
• Transport of large volumes of material which may be both heavy and abrasive

HV Reducer, Eccentric
ø A (mm) ø B (mm) Material Thickness Length Weight (kg) Legacy Art. Nr. Art. No.
102 63 4,5mm 125 0,36 40130710 40130710
152 102 4,5mm 145 0,49 40130700 40130700