Used to block the end of a pipe.

The term ‘high vacuum’ refers to the high vacuum and low airflow used to catch, transport and filter fumes, dust and other particles.

Our solutions include:
• Extraction of fumes from welding torches
• Extraction of grinding dust directly from the handheld grinding machine thanks to our range of manifolds that matches most hand-held machines on the market
• Cleaning of floors and machines etc. with our wide choice of accessories
• Transport of large volumes of material which may be both heavy and abrasive

HV End Cap
ø A (mm) Material Thickness Length Weight (kg) Legacy Art. Nr. Art. No.
50 0,7mm 0,20 40130031 40130031
63 0,7mm 0,05 40130030 40130030
102 0,7mm 0,10 40130040 40130040
152 0,7mm 0,14 40130050 40130050
203 0,7mm 0,24 40130060 40130060